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From: Kimberly Pedersen

May you fly high with the angels Manny. You are loved and missed more than you know. Rest easy my friend. Til we meet again ❤❤

From: Beth Wilson

When I was younger... I had to get gas and was checking out this new guy pumping gas at my usual station. I never knew that this amazing man was going to end up being my best friend. Manny became a part of my family, along with the Viera Family! You all have been a huge part of our lives and I am so sad that this day has come. I wish the best for all of you and especially for Manny's children. Your dad was an awesome guy! I hope Manny is in peace with MA and John. I will never forget all the good times.. and will always keep tight my Day13 CD.. to be able to hear your voice and remember the good times we all had. Love you

From: Mary Arruda

To family and friends of Manny, Im so very sorry for your loss.I pray you find peace and comfort through this time of sorrow.

From: Sandra

Just seen you a couple of months ago. Your always the happy go lucky guy. We go back many years. May you rest in peace. Hope your rocking it up in

From: Nuno Serrao

Hey my brother I know you are in a better place right now no more suffering and no one can hurt you your at peace put I will so forever miss you My thoughts and prayers go out to the family love you guys and one day me and you will reunite rest in peace Manny I love you and I will so remember all the good times we had together Say hi to your mom and John and my dad love you Manny

From: Darlene

I had this dream the other night of you.You came to me & held me so tight I couldn't move,you kept saying something wispering in my ear so I turned my head & you got in front of me & looked me in my eyes & said Darlene I love you,I really love you.It was surreal like you were right beside me right in front of me my body felt paralyzed the whole time & then you were gone.I jumped up out of bed & felt a feeling of sadness & heaviness in my chest & then a overwhelming feeling of happiness.I know some people may think I'm crazy but I know what I experienced I know it was you Manny I know WHY you came to me & I know you needed to for yourself & for me.Im deeply saddened learning that you have passed at such a young age.I know we always but-heads but that was us 2 strong Leo's together what do you expect!I shared many years of my life with you & baird your child,something only you & I share.Nobody really knows what we shared NO-ONE!I am truly heartbroken that you are gone from this world but I am glad you are finally at peace & your with your Mother & John❤ Please watch over Aleyna & be her guardian angel.My prayers & condolences go out to the entire Vieira Family as well as Charlene & Manny Jr.I am so sorry 😢

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