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From: Donna & Jose R. Sousa

Dear Marie and the DiDomenico Family,
How deeply saddened we were to hear of Sal’s passing.
We had the pleasure of knowing your family for many years. Sal was always at the helm of his family, the Flower Shop, the Italian Feast of Cosmos and Damian, any was there for any reason for ALL of his dear friends. So many times,we all had the pleasure to be witnesses to the childrens’ festivities thru their lives.
Sal was so Devoted to the Gaetan Saints of Cosmo and Damian and included everyone in the Festivities. The Feast will never be the same I’m afraid. He was the Feast, He was it’s presence, and He will ALWAYS BE. May He Always Rest in
God’s Eternal Peace FOREVER. 🙏🙏🙏

From: Carol & Joe McNeil

We are so sorry for your tremendous loss He was such a good man and we are happy to have known him
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you

From: Carol and Joe McNeil

We are so sorry for your tremendous loss He was such a good man and we are happy to have known him Our thoughts and prayers are with you all

From: Maria and Joe Salvia

We are very sorry for your loss.

From: The Bernoth Family

It saddens us to hear of the passing of Sal. We are so sorry for your families loss. Sal was such a great man. Always a pleasure to talk with. He will be greatly missed by all.

From: Alan , Mary and Andrew Lavoie

We were Heart Broken to hear of Sal's passing , He was a great Man and a Friend to all.He will be missed and our thought's and Prayers go out to Him and His Beautiful Family

From: Carlos & Cristina Alves

We are so sorry for your loss. We are heartbroken and send the family our love and be strong.

Carlos and Cristina Alves

From: Elaine O'Reilly and Ron Benham

Sal, Tricia, Sal and Matthew:
Our prayers and offerings of sympathy are sent to your family. Your father, father-in-law and grandfather was a remarkable, loving man. His contributions to our community were tremendous and will always be remembered. We will celebrate his life with you when that opportunity comes.
Elaine and Ron

From: David Feeley

Marie, and Family so sorry for Sal’s passing. May his memory be a blessing.

From: Christian, Seana & Justin Barrett

God bless you and your family. In these tough times, you and your family are in our hearts and prayers.

From: Pat Roberto

Hi Sal,
I am so sorry for your loss.
I didn't know your father but i knew how much he was loved by everyone.

From: Kimberly Miozza

Sending my most sincere condolences for your loss.

Kimberly Miozza

From: Larry Fagan, sacristan/St. Theresa/Avila

Dear Family & Friends of Sal,
I want to express my condolences to you all on the death of Sal DiDomenico, your husband, father, grandfather & friend. As long-time sacristan of St. Theresa's Parish in W. Roxbury, I got to know Sal and many of you when you & he delivered flowers for the church, especially for Christmas & Easter. We all here will miss him. May the glory of the Risen Christ shine upon Sal forever! God bless.

Larry Fagan

From: Mary Ann Fiore

Dear Marie and family, I was so sad to hear about the loss of your husband and father Sal. He was such a great man and true friend to all who knew him. May he rest in peace and I hope you find great joy in all the memories that you shared.

From: Janet DeSimone

So sorry to hear of Sal's passing. He was such a dedicated person to all causes Italian. The DeSimone Family rarely missed a feast, which happened mainly thanks to his efforts. Deep sympathy to all his family.

From: Vincent Lawrence Dixon & Emilieanne Koehnlein

Salvatore DiDomenico – 1938-2020

Sal’s Flowers, was a landmark to myself, even before I even met Sal, and later his wife, Marie, and later his son, now Senator Sal DiDomenico, and other members of his immediate family, and yet it soon became clear that his neighborhood, and in many ways, the broader world, was an amazingly broader family.

His passing, shocking, unexpected, and notable, should be remembered, not just from the great S.S. Cosmas & Damian Festival, of which he himself, became an iconic figure, but a positive figure, regarding the prosperity, and expansion of the Festival, over many years.

His gentle, friendly interaction, strengthened, his surely entrepreneurial achievements, across a wide range of community activities.

Certainly, he discovered, and navigated, as so many great Italians, and Italian Americans, have, in ways that altered, and improved the lives of so many, and expanded the foundations of sociability, achievement, and respect.

As a long-time Cantabrigian, and Historian, I also was pleasantly surprised, that the Festival attracted the interest of so many, from beyond; including some from Haiti, Quebec, and other places, that revere the Saints Cosmas & Damian.

It is my hope, that his memory, will long continue, but in any case, his influence, will continue for a long time to come, both the known influences, and the many unknown; both in individual lives, and through the Festival, for years to come.

My partner, Emilieanne Koehnlein, was introduced to the Festival in recent years, and has enjoyed it, and looks forward to it, and will miss Sal, as well.

Vincent Lawrence Dixon, and Emilieanne Koehnlein, Winchester, Mass.

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