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From: Mary Higgins

Anwar you will be missed by do many. You were such a great person and loving dad you will be with us always Rip

From: DeFrancisco Family

A bright new star has been added to Heaven

From: Erin aka Mama Formaggio

Anwar aka Mumrock was devoted to his daughter Haylee. They did so many fun things together and he was so goofy with her. He didn’t show that side of him too often and only a few people had the privilege to see it. His friends and some family would call him Rock and he called our daughter Pebbles! Anwar loved his mother Carolyn so much I can’t even explain it into words! He always wanted the best for her and loved watching Celtics games with her or just sitting down at the kitchen table eating dinner and talking about their day. His mother and Haylee were everything to him❤️ He loved having brothers and a sister being able to grow up with with a loving family and having siblings makes it more fun cuz you get to aggravate each other 😝 He enjoyed spending time with his nieces and nephews all time he loved them and treated them like siblings. Anwar was the type of person if where not in his circle of friends then he didn’t mess with you like that! I’ve known Anwar for over 25 years, we have had so many ups and downs. Maybe we didn’t get our relationship right but we sure did get our daughter right! I will for and always love Anwar with all my heart and I will always a piece of him through Haylee❤️💙🕊😇

From: Mary Higgins

Sad to see you go but happy no more pain.You are loved and will be missed.RIP

From: Kimberly Higgins

Such a beautiful soul and contagious smile that would light up a room. Anwar has been in our lives for over 25 years and will always be family. Your legacy will live on through Haylee with memories that last a lifetime. We will love and miss you more today than yesterday. Forever missed and never forgotten. #teamanwar# for life.

Love Kimberly

From: Matthew Tevlin

This is truly heartbreaking news. Me and Anwar met in high school. We had similar interests in making music. Anwar had a very distinct voice and knew how to put words together better than a lot of famous artists. I would come to his apartment after high school at rindge to record in his closet make shift microphone booth. We didn’t have a lot of money to go to professional studios so he made a solution. As time went on I had a family and unfortunately lost touch with my friend. To Anwar’s family I’m extremely sorry for your loss. He was a incredible person and I’m glad I was able to spend some time with him in this lifetime. Rock I will see you when I get there. With nothing but love Dro.

From: Maddy Conary

im so sorry for your loss. hayley will always have a piece of him with her in her heart.
lot of love,

From: Mary Higgins

Anwar you are loved and will be missed by were an amazing person and a caring loving dad.No more pain for you.Rip always in our hearts Fly high my friend

From: Kathleen Clinton

God bless you, Anwar on your journey home.You were a talented and energetic young man who had many friends and admirers. God bless your loved ones...your mother, Erin, and Haylee as they grieve for your absence until all are united again in Heaven. ❤ 💙

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